Farr 30 European Circuit 2017

Program for 2017

In 2017 the Farr 30 European Circuit will again be held, starting off with the now classic Marstand Big Boat Race (Registration is open here). Afterwards the German teams invite to the Warnemünder Woche, in preparation to the circuit finale and European Championship in the proven venue Båstad.

  • Venue 1: Marstrand Big Boat Race (26.-28.05.2017)
  • Venue 2: Warnemünder Woche (01.-02.07.2017)
  • Venue 3: Farr 30 European Championship in Båstad (08.-12.08.2017)

Farr 30 European Circuit 2016

12 teams competed in the Farr30 European Circuit 2016

The first Farr30 European Circuit included two events each in Sweden and one in Germany .

Overall Ranking:

1. H.E.A.T

2. Topas

3. Happyyachting.com

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Program for 2016

Like in 2015 we are more than happy to announce 4 events for the Farr 30 European Circuit 2016. We wanna start the season with a great venue in Marstand, followed by two events in Germany which are part of big sailing events like Kieler Woche and Warnemuender Woche. Before we come to the highlight of the season, the Farr 30 Worlds in Bastad, which marks at the same time the last event of the Farr 30 European Circuit 2016.


  • Venue 1: Marstrand (27.-29.05.2016)
  • Venue 2: Kieler Woche (20.-22.06.2016)
  • Venue 3: Warnemuender Woche (02.-03.07.2016)
  • Venue 4: Farr 30 World Championship in Bastad (01.-07.08.2016)

For the scoring of the whole season the best three events of each team will be taken into account, whereat the worlds gonna be scored with a factor of 1.2.

Farr 30 European Circuit 2015

16 teams competed in the Farr30 European Circuit 2015

The first Farr30 European Circuit included two events each in Germany and Sweden.

Overall Ranking:

1. Topas

2. H.E.A.T

3. Happyyachting

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NOR for the european championship is online 


Strong breeze and exciting surfs at the first event of the year

Marstrand was absolutely the right choice for the first venue of the Farr 30 European Circuit 2015. It's such a lovely place one hour north of Gotenburg. Beside our 10 boat farr30 fleet there have been a lot of other orc racing boats. Therefore it was plenty of action in the harbor and on the water. Friday evening one practice race was sailed in 12-15kn. The forecast was calling increasing breeze for saturday and it became true but the race committee did a great job and got 2 races in windy and choppy conditions finished. After racing the atmosphere was really enjoyable in the harbor, nice come-together on the dock with sponsored cans of beer...

On sunday morning the wind was still blowing with up to 30kn and the waves were huge in that onshore breeze, so nobody was unhappy that the race committee cancelled all races for the day after 3h of postponement in the harbour.


1. Topas (1,1)

2. Matrisen (3,2)

3. Cheyenne (2,4)

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credit: MBBR/Henrik Ljungqvist

2 days to go!

The first event of the Farr30 European Circuit 2015 starts with a strong fleet of 10 boats in Marstrand. It's a great mix of experienced teams and a few newcomers. Under these 10 boats you will find some hot shots, like the regeigning Farr30 world Champion Topas from germany helmed by Dr. Harald Brüning with tactican David Chapman from Australia on his side. But it won't be an easy game for them, the european Champion of 2013 Matrisen from Sweden is on the line as well and a few locals are always good for a win. So an exciting start of the season is expected...

First Event in Marstrand comes closer

An awesome video of last year's Marstrand Big Boat Race!

Join the entry list soon...Link

New format for 2015

Over the last years the Farr 30 fleet (ex. Mumm 30) had a great comeback in northern Europe. Every year new teams have joined the fleet and racing gets more competitive.

The European Championship 2015 will take place in Sandhamn (SWE) in the beginning of August. Beside the championship there are a couple of great events at the Baltic sea. At the moment a lot of teams are doing their preparations and starting to plan the next season. Everyone loves sailing in big fleets with intense racing. Therefore we want to introduce the European Circuit 2015!

Following Events are part of the EC 2015:

  • Venue 1: Marstrand (30.-31.05.2015)
  • Venue 2: Kieler Woche (22.-24.06.2015)
  • Venue 3: Warnemuender Woche (04.-05.07.2015)
  • Venue 4: Sandhamn Farr30 Europeans (03.-09.08.2015)

There is no additional fee. We are trying to keep everything as simple as possible. If you are interested in taking part in the first Farr 30 European Circuit, you don't need any entry form, send only a mail to info@farr30-europeancircuit.com with following information (boat's name, sail number, home port, crew, picture and in which events you are going to take part). In case your crew is not complete yet or plans have changed, drop us a line and your profile will be updated.